Asset Management

petiteC Asset Management

All your security screening assets –
on a single platform. The smart way to manage your security equipment

petiteC is a platform that helps security equipment owners monitor and manage their equipment fleets in a multi-vendor, multi-locational, and multi-stakeholder operating environment.

With its universal tag, petiteC creates a vendor-agnostic reference and a common platform for data exchange among those building, using, and maintaining security detection assets.

petiteC allows security equipment owners to automate manual processes, better govern quality assurance practices, and enhance fleet renewal decision-making.

Automate manual processes & enhance operational efficiency

Provides a mechanism to standardize asset data across vendors and eliminates the need for constant manual data reconciliation.
petiteC reduces outage periods and provides analytics and historical data to drive continuous improvement.

Mitigate compliance risk

Continuously matches equipment inventory against certified equipment lists to tell you at the individual equipment level what is certified for which use, where, and by whom. It provides a global view into potential non-compliance issues and notifications to help you stay on top of required activities.

Compare equipment across locations

Standardizes data and creates a common reference for use across stakeholder groups.


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